Permanent Residents Can Soon Enter Canada

Permanent Residents Can Soon Enter Canada

According to Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, international permanent residents who have not been able to come to Canada due to COVID-19 travel restrictions soon will be able to enter the country despite expired confirmations.

The statement in the email said that the pandemic “upended” global migration. As a result, travel restrictions have had a “significant impact” on Canada’s immigration system.

The announcement about travel restrictions came on March 18, 2020. So many international permanent residency holders with valid confirmation of permanent residency (COPR) had their visas expired.

Normally, COPRs cannot be extended. Recently, Mendicino’s office confirmed that the IRCC would ensure that new “permanent residents who received approval after March 18 could come to Canada once the government lifted travel restrictions.”

The statement also explains only that “applicants with expiring documents may extend their COPRs once they could come to Canada.” Besides, the immigration department will “share information on this extension when the time comes… we’re regularly monitoring the situation.”

“We want to be clear: they will not have to start the full application process over again,” the statement reads.

Approved permanent residents story

Akarigidi and his family got their permanent residence at the beginning of February. However, they had to go back home shortly after. The rejection came after a long two-year application process for PR. At that time, only people with families in Canada could fly.

Akarigidi thinks that selecting people based on having a family in Canada is unfair. For him, this treatment is unacceptable because all Canadians have equal participation in Canada’s economic growth.

Under the current travel restrictions, family members of Canadians can enter the country. Some other groups with exempt status from travel restrictions include work permit holders, students at certain institutions, and COPR holders approved before the border closed.