Daily Record for COVID-19 Cases


On Thursday, Canada set another daily record for COVID-19 cases. Daily infections reached over 9,500 for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Canada has incorporated harsh new restrictions in recent weeks. The aim was to tackle the quickened spread of the virus. Despite the measures, many provinces set new records of daily cases.
The national death toll has reached 23,500 on Wednesday. To this day, Canada has seen a total of 1,096,722. 990,080 patients have recovered.

As of now, many cases include transmissible variants. New territories have also seen the spread of new variants. Canada has confirmed 51,643 cases of all three variants on Thursday.

Daily Record

As mentioned, Canada saw daily record for COVID-19 cases. However, most of those cases are the B.1.1.7 variants. This type has become prominent in Ontario and Alberta. Canada’s chief medical officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, tweeted that she is concerned about the spread of the P.1 variant. According to her, the number of P.1 cases has increased four times. Canada has already confirmed 1,882 confirmed cases.
Dr. Tam noted: “Early evidence suggests P.1 may reduce the effectiveness of vaccines, making it even more urgent to #SlowtheSpread by reducing contacts as much as possible, following #PublicHealth advice and maintaining individual precautions.“

Due to new variants, many people had to go to the hospital. 3,691 received medical care for COVID-19. Out of 2,000 patients in Ontario hospitals, over 650 are in intensive care. Hospitalizations also reached a new record. Unless people change their habits, health officials claim B.C. could see 3,000 new cases per day.

Alberta reported 1,646 new cases on Thursday and five more deaths. Schools are moving their classrooms online as a result. Quebec reported 1,513 more cases and 15 new deaths.

Federal officials say all Canadians could receive their first vaccine dose by June and their second dose by the end of the summer.