AstraZeneca vaccine suspended in many countries


Countries start suspending AstraZeneca vaccine amid fear of blood clots

Many countries such as France and Germany have suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine inoculation campaign. While authorities claim this is out of precaution, it’s difficult not to correlate this decision with recent developments. Apparently, reports indicate recipients of the vaccine develop blood clots after administration. Nonetheless, AstraZeneca and the WHO insists that the vaccine shot is safe for all age groups. Germany is the largest country to have taken the decision as of yet. The Paul Ehrlich Institute, which regulates the country’s national vaccine program, called for further investigation after blood clot cases.

Both French PM Macron and German Health Minister Spahn reiterate that this is purely precautionary as a measure. But other than France and Germany, also Ireland, Thailand, the Netherlands, Iceland, Congo, Bulgaria, and Norway have chosen to halt administration. Many did not elaborate fully on their decision to stop the administration of the vaccine shots, with experts warning of mass hysteria over a minimal complication.

For example, AstraZeneca has in the past days stated that there is no reason for concern or alarm. Actually, it also pointed out that there are fewer reported cases of thrombosis in those who received the shot than in the general population as a whole. AstraZeneca is backed in this claim by the WHO and European Medicines Agency (EMA). The EMA and the WHO point out how the data does not support the claim that the vaccine could cause thrombosis.

Still, people fear that the vaccine rush could have meant authorities overlooked problems with the shot. Spahn states that the precautionary measure is governments putting transparency first. ‘The most important thing for confidence is transparency, he said. Hence, governments need to rebuild their trust with citizens after unpopular social distancing and lockdown measures.