Travel restrictions extended until Halloween


Government has extended travel restrictions until Halloween

The federal government has once again extended travel restrictions to foreign travellers. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country, the decision hasn’t been met with particular surprise. While Canada had previously closed off its border from March 18 until June 30, the government had opted to roll over restrictions every month. We must also specify that foreign travellers can still enter Canada, but only for essential reasons. Any non-essential reason, such as recreation, tourism or entertainment, does not fit with the government directives.

Travel restrictions do not apply for every foreign traveller. Here are those that the government has exempted:

  • Canadian citizens (including dual citizens) or permanent residents;
  • people in the process of obtaining permanent residence;
  • temporary foreign workers;
  • international students;
  • protected persons;
  • immediate family members of Canadians; 

Still, even these people must quarantine for 14 days. And the situation does not appear to be stabilising anytime soon: Ontario and Quebec just announced stricter measures. But the government remains committed to send off official invitations to permanent residence, anyway.

Next October will be a particularly crucial time for Canada. Two important events will happen: one of these will be the announcement of Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023. Minister Marco Mendicino has reiterated the country’s support of immigration in order to aid economic recovery.