Tourism in Canada: Visitor View Software


Environics Analytics today announced the launch of an innovative new product for the travel and tourism market in Canada. For example, VisitorView is the latest of the company’s ability to develop insightful and actionable solutions. As a result, their client-organizations are able to achieve greater success. Designed specifically for the travel and tourism sector, this product leverages new technologies and data sources for organizations. That is, it aims at identifying their ideal traveller and tailor their marketing investment, media strategy and channel management accordingly.

Besides, VisitorView helps the tourism industry to better understand and attract American travellers to Canada. The service uses privacy-compliant aggregated and anonymous mobile location data, administrative datasets and analytics. All that technology helps to identify American neighbourhoods whose residents have a high propensity to visit Canada. The product provides estimates at the neighbourhood level for the total number of overnight visitors; also, the number of trips and the number of nights spent in Canada , a Province or one of our 84 tourism regions.

VisitorView helps:

  • Classify American travellers into one of 68 unique lifestyle types to better understand target audiences
  • Target messaging and media strategies to the regions and neighbourhoods in the United States with the best new visitor prospects
  • Understand organizations’ relative market share in geographic area
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies on American visitors
  • Tailor organizations’ attractions and incentives according to the travel patterns of American visitors, factoring in the type of travel and duration of their stay
  • Identify the final destination of American visitors to Canada to unlock new route opportunities

About Environics Analytics

Established in 2003, Environics Analytics focuses on providing organizations with proprietary data, purpose-built software and industry-focused analytics consulting. They help organizations of all sizes, and across every industry sector, to use data and analytics to better understand customers and markets via consumer insights (e.g., segmentation, profiles, personas) and location intelligence.

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