Tech talent is still key for Canada


Tech talent is becoming key path way for immigration in Canada

Tech talent will be key for Canada in upcoming future. CGTN America highlights in new report how tech talent could move to Canada after Trump travel restrictions. The President effectively closed many pathways for tech talent immigration in the USA. Therefore, now many companies are actively looking at Canada to fill the gap. Canada also offers favourable conditions for IT and digital companies to flourish, heightening the competition field. There are now over 100 pathways for immigration in Canada as a tech talent.

Main pathways for tech workers looking to immigrate to Canada

For example, Express Entry, PNP and Start-up Visa are becoming key options for tech professionals. Express Entry remains the main path for professionals to immigrate to Canada. The IRCC has recently held its second largest draw ever. Moreover, Canada is committed to its 2020-2022 immigration plan, which aims to take in over a million new professionals in the next two years. Tech workers remain Canada’s largest source of candidates for Express Entry.

Meanwhile, power has also shifted to provinces and territories. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) aims to grant Provinces and Territories with the right talent for their needs. Via the PNP, Provinces can nominate candidates to fill key positions and vacancies. Thus economic needs meet opportunity for thousands of new immigrants.

Another successful and highly-influential program is Start-up Visa. Start-up Visa enables innovative entrepreneurs to immigrate to Canada and start their businesses smoothly. Once a candidate has successfully received an endorsement letter by an angel investor, the candidate can directly apply for residence in Canada.

But this is not all, for Canada also offers temporary work permit pathways for tech talent. Temporary foreign workers are also exempted from Canada’s travel restrictions. The Global Talent Stream, meanwhile, has granted entry to over 40’000 tech professionals since 2017. Being a tech professional in Canada has never been so easy.