Canada’s Tech Industry is Growing


Canada’s tech industry benefited from Brexit and US-China Trade War.

Britain and Canada had been in a long-standing political and economic relationship. And as Britain leaves the European Union, Canada started strong. Britain is Canada’s second-largest investment partner. It created the long and fruitful business relationships – from creating jobs for 100,000 Brits in Canada’s. CGI, Inc., a Canadian tech company, is meanwhile bracing itself for an increase in demand for its services as the government adjusts to the new rules. The company announced that they will retain their UK office and that they will focus on helping their clients deal with the challenges related to the Brexit.

eSports Industry Rises in Canada

As the Brexit and US-China trade war continues, Canada’s eSports industry continues to increase. The UK was one of the first to gaming venues in the 20th century but now China, the USA, and Canada are performing better than the UK gambling entities, especially in the iGaming sector.

Along with eSports, online gambling is a dominant industry linking Canada and the UK. Brexit will help the UK to create an online gambling law framework from scratch. That means the UK can keep up with Canada’s gambling industry. Despite the massive difference in population, the Canadian gambling industry with users has surpassed the UK. What has Canada done differently? North American countries had been free in terms of bold decisions related to the World Wide Web. As for the the UK, it faces the EU restrictions. Canada surpassed many countries in the last decade in the digital gambling sector. The contribution to the economy was huge as the country helped business entities to get worldwide recognition.

Canada’s tech industry supplements iGaming sector

Canada was the first to create a liberal law framework for the gambling sector. Local gaming operators have created a very friendly environment. Not only locals, but tourists were in a rush to visit Canada and enjoy gaming. Canada created a successful iGaming industry where gamers enjoy playing online real money casino games. The equal environment and offers makes the Canadian casino industry stand out from the crowded competition.

The UK has a chance to transform the gaming industry fully. They have left the EU system but there are many decisions (from the EU) that the UK authorities have to change. There is still a long way for the UK to go as Canada is a decade ahead when it comes to gaming. Canada has not only created a friendly environment, but it has implemented technological achievement first in the world. It’s a sign that the country’s officials believe in technologies, therefore, the freedom of choice of people. When the industry focuses on the user as the ascending point, it starts growing. 

Canada’s Government Reacted Properly Passing Digital Charter with Perfect Timing

With Canada’s booming tech industry amidst the volatility of Brexit and the US-China trade war, the state has passed a somewhat better way to protect its data resources and tech usage. Through the creation of the Digital Charter, the country made sure that its people will trust the tech turn over despite issues with the US and China.

The Digital Charter is made up of ten principles that are built on trust. The principles include control and consent, universal access, safety and security, portability, interoperability, and transparency. Also, these include free from hate, open and modern digital government, a level playing arena, digital and data for good, violent radicalism, strong democracy, robust enforcement, and real accountability.

But the main point of the Digital Charter is that the digital usage of every Canadian is safe, transparent, always for good, and every Canadian has an equal opportunity of its usage. Whoever will use it for illegal use and violate the laws will have severe penalties.

How Canada’s Tech Industry and Economy in General Benefits from a Trade War and the Brexit

With the increase of technology stocks of Canadian tech companies, President Trudeau has assured the many that Brexit has a minimal disruption in the Canadian economy.

As China continues to ban much export of Canada, the US became the primary export market of the country. According to sources, there was a 2.1% increase in exports last 2019 compared to the exports in 2018. As Canada and the US struggled with their ties with China, Canada continued and strengthened its relations with America.