Canada Falls Behind in Vaccinations


As for now, it is fair to say that Canada falls behind in vaccinations. Things seemed promising in the beginning. Canada’s regulator approved a coronavirus vaccine before the United States. In December, media reported that Canada ordered doses that were ten times its population. Therefore, the public had high hopes for the vaccination launch.

Unfortunately, Pfizer and Moderna experienced production issues that caused decreased shipments. During some weeks, the country did not see any vaccines arriving at all.

The problem involved disruptions in production and shipment and Canada’s strategic decisions about the vaccination rollout. Canada has vaccinated only 1.5 million people so far.

Canada Ranking Low in Global Vaccinations List

Despite many problems, both the United Kingdom and the United States are ranking high in a global ranking of vaccinations. Canada is relatively low on the list, staying between Romania and Bangladesh.

At the moment, almost 60% of Canadians believe the country should be performing at least at the same level as other developed countries. The Conservative opposition in the Parliament is also heavily criticizing the government for its course of action.

The Conservative leader, Erin O’Toole, said on Tuesday that “While the world is vaccinating by the millions, the government can only deliver a few thousand.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to reassure Canadians that the country was on track. He explained he understands impatience since people are tired of the pandemic.

Pfizer modified a factory in Belgium for increased production. This week, the company sent Canada the largest shipment of vaccines to date.
Experts think that majority of Canadians will still be on the waiting list for vaccination in summer. Vaccine and infection control specialists explain that it is clear why Canada experienced problems. It decided to place orders for seven different companies, while the government approved only two of them. Moreover, no vaccine producer has headquarters in Canada.