Young Man Contracted New Coronavirus Variant


The consensus is that people who are young and healthy will not get seriously ill from COVID-19. However, Peter Soliman is a young man from Winnipeg who contracted a new coronavirus variant and had to spend nine days in the hospital.

“You’re not invincible just because you’re healthy, just because you work out,” said Peter Soliman. He posted positive for the B117 variant in March. He carefully followed the guidelines and didn’t have an underlying health condition but had to stay at the hospital, nevertheless. After his hospitalization, he shared his experience on social media. He received both negative and positive comments. Many people are calling it a wake-up call. Therefore, Soliman hopes that sharing his experience will make a difference.

In mid-March, Soliman’s father became a close contact of a COVID-19 case at a workplace. He tested positive for the virus. Soliman, his mother, and his sister tested negative initially, but his mom became ill days later. Soliman also started to show symptoms.

Following public health officials’ recommendations, the family isolated themselves. Soliman’s first signs of illness showed on March 17. Soon after, his next test came back positive.

“The first seven to eight days, we were all experiencing COVID symptoms, so just normal ones, fever, severe muscle aches…chills,” said Soliman. “We were kind of thinking maybe we’ll get better now soon, and things just started to go way more downhill from there.”

New Coronavirus Variant

They had to take Soliman’s mother to the hospital first. Soliman suffered high fevers and stayed at St. Boniface Hospital after his oxygen levels became dangerously low. According to him, doing everyday things became exhausting to him. His father also had to stay at the hospital. Despite living in the same home and caring for the family, Soliman’s sister did not become ill. She had received her first vaccine dose.

Soliman is back at work and trying to catch up on the school work. He wants his story to be a reminder to other young people to not their guard down.