WWII veteran fundraises over £17m


WWII veteran Capt Tom Moore fundraises over £17m for NHS

WWII veteran Capt Tom Moore has fundraised over £17m for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden. He originally aimed at raising only about £1000 for NHS Charities Together, but he disintegrated his target as 800000 people made donations.

“I feel fine, I hope you’re all feeling fine too”, he said at the end of the laps. He also stated to the BBC that the amount raised was “an absolutely fantastic sum of money”. After his final lap, he remarked: “”I never dreamt I would be involved in such an occasion as this.”

Capt Tom’s JustGiving page crashed under the sheer amount of connections and donations after his laps became viral and shared on social media. Indeed, the page showed more than £17m in donations when it became accessible again.

Moreover, many believe this sum also includes an undisclosed donation from the Duke of Cambridge. Capt Tom, when asked, said he had been raising funds to thank the “magnificent” NHS staff who helped him with cancer. Some have started a petition for Capt Tom to receive a knighthood. This petition has now more than 300000 signatures. “It would be marvellous to have such an honour but I don’t expect anything like that”, said Capt Tom.

“The Sun Will Shine Again”

Capt Tom shared some words to address the nation after his laps. “You’ve all got to remember that we will get through it in the end, it will all be right. For all those people finding it difficult at the moment, the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away.”

But it is not only Britons who donated for the cause. Over 700000 donors from all around the world joined Capt Tom’s plea for helping the NHS withstand the crisis. NHS Charities Together, which will benefit from the fundraising, stated that it was ‘truly inspired and humbled’ by the deed. Many sent their thanks directly:

Nurses from Ward 4 at Royal liverpool Hospital sending a thank you message to Capt Tom

JustGiving, meanwhile, has confirmed this was the largest donation ever through their campaign platform. The company confirmed it had itself donated £100,000 to Capt Tom’s fundraising. “This the largest total raised on JustGiving, the fastest growing campaign on the platform and has attracted donations and media coverage from around the world.”

Meanwhile, Capt Tom is set to celebrate his 100th birthday party in two weeks’ time. But he is not letting celebration take his mind away from what really matters: a future for his grandchildren. The WWII veteran remarked that the national outpouring of love and support was “a party enough for me”.