Why Justin Trudeau silence on Iran is deafening


Why Justin Trudeau silence on Iran is deafening: our report

Why Justin Trudeau silence on Iran is deafening to the ears of Canadian citizens should be no surprise. The Prime Minister has not spoken publicly or addressed the nation since the killing of Soleimani by US forces earlier this month. Meanwhile, many in the country have condemned Trudeau’s ambiguous response to the matter.

Rob Oliphant, the Liberal parliamentary secretary, has defended the PM low profile in the days following the attack. “He is engaged in the situation”, Oliphant said. “He is talking to military leaders, doing his job, and I think that’s what Canadians want him to do”.

While the Prime Minister has not held any conference or even spoken about the issue, the cabinet did issue statements. Trudeau and his government have been monitoring the situation closely, according to the office.

Condemnation has stirred both from his detractors and his allies, with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh declaring that Trudeau ‘needs to speak’ to Canadians and show us his plan to help calm tensions. Moreover, Singh has expressed his desire that Canada ‘not follow’ Trump’s America into war with Iran if escalation cannot be avoided.

As of today, it is unclear if 500 Canadians soldiers in Iraq will be moved. Relocation is underway since a crowd stormed the American embassy in Baghdad. This is the event that seems to have sparked the POTUS into action.

Since Iran has vowed ‘harsh retaliation’ against the U.S. following the killing of Soleimani, the situation could generate even further. Many fear Justin Trudeau has failed to respond appropriately to this unfolding.

Failed response breeds discontent

Trudeau however has reiterated that his policy regarding Iraq and Iran is one of securitization of Canadian citizens. “The safety and well-being of Canadians in Iraq is our top priority, and we’ll keep monitoring the situation closely and encouraging de-escalation”, Trudeau told in an Instagram post on Monday.

It is important to remind how the 500 Canadians in Iraq are not partaking in any act of aggression or retaliation. Canadian forces in Iraq are there to help train Iraqi forces against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The killing of Soleimani has been referred to as an ‘earth-shaking’ event. Ultimately however, the internet seems more interested in Justin Trudeau’s new look. Indeed, the Prime Minister reappeared from a family vacation in Costa Rica sporting a brand new beard.

While the new look may inspire wisdom and graveness, the Prime Minister needs to get his act together fast. His response to this crisis could shape Canada’s for decades to come.