When will Canada reopen borders?


When will Canada reopen borders? The whole country is waiting for the answer. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that Canadians will receive more information regarding border reopening in the coming weeks. According to him, the easing of travel restrictions will follow if vaccinations continue to increase and COVID-19 cases remain low.

The federal government announced that Canadians who received full immunization could return to the country without self-isolation for 13 days. The rule will be effective from July 5. They won’t have to take a test on day eight or stay in a quarantine hotel either.

When will borders reopen?

Trudeau spoke to reports on Tuesday and made a statement.“We are looking at continuing our plan for gradual and safe reopening. Hopefully with more announcements in the coming weeks about next and further steps.” According to him, health officials are closely observing the spread of concerning variants, such as Delta. ”We have to look at what variants of concern are present in Canada and, indeed, the situation around the world because every step of the way. We’re going to be cautious and responsible in the way we move forward. We’re all eager to get back to normal, but we’re going to make sure we’re doing it in a way that is safe for Canadians,” he said.

Easing of Restrictions

The government announced that it would continue to monitor the effects of the lifted restrictions and new scientific data. “As always, as a country, we make our decisions based on the best science, the best evidence, the best data available, and I know that our experts are leaning in on exactly that question,” said Trudeau.

Moreover, when it comes to reopening, Trudeau commented that it depends on vaccination rates. “We will be able to get there even sooner if Canadians continue to be so enthusiastic about getting those two doses that they need. We’re already up above 20 percent in terms of full vaccinations,” he said.