Vaccine passport soon to arrive?


G7 countries are discussing whether to introduce a vaccine passport

A vaccine passport might be coming soon to every major world’s economies. Vaccinations are underway worldwide, with only a few countries yet to receive vaccines. Meanwhile, at the G7, discussions are ‘very live’ regarding the possibility to introduce a vaccine passport. Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu said that such a document would allow international travel to recover.

‘We’ll be coming back to Canadians as we understand more about the intentions of our counterparts internationally, and as we understand more about how that will unfold around the world’, said Hajdu. Canada is already requiring a PCR negative test upon and also after arrival. Similarly, the EU is looking to make immunization documents a requirement for foreign travellers.

Still, some experts are skeptical and caution against adopting vaccine passports requirements. They fear that after international travel, even more industries and institutions would make vaccine passports mandatory. For example, live concert organizers would allow only vaccinate people to purchase tickets. There is a risk where such documentation could create a disparity, a two-tier system of outdoor socialization.

However, while the measure might seem invasive, it is crucial for the recovery of the airline, travel, and accommodation industries. The pandemic has taken a heavy toll, and Canada is one of the nations currently discouraging international travel. But continental and global airline companies are pushing for a return to the ‘pre-pandemic’ normal. University of Toronto health ethicist Alison Thompson recently stated that it’s important for people to get vaccinated. Nonetheless, she says that vaccination passports and other documentation should not become coercive.