U.S. donates 1M vaccines


U.S. donates 1M vaccines to Canada. Additional doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in Toronto today. It is part of a large donation strategy of the Biden administration. By the end of June, the United States will have donated around 80 million doses worldwide. The one million shots for Canada are a part of the program. Additionally, U.S. President Joe Biden has stated during the G7 summit in the United Kingdom, and the U.S. will buy and donate 500 million Pfizer doses in 2022.

At the meeting, Canada has also declared that it will donate around 100 doses. It is part of the global effort to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier in 2021, the U.S. loaned 1.5 million doses of Astra Zeneca to Canada.1M vaccines from U.S.

Public Services and Procurement Minister Anita Anand stated that the new doses will arrive this evening. She also thanked the Biden administration for the collaboration. “We continue to work with partners around the world, including the United States, to ensure access to vaccines for Canadians, as well as to help meet demands internationally,” she said.

As a matter of fact, Canada has accelerated its vaccination program in recent weeks. However, it is still behind the U.S. in terms of delivering the second dose. To date, over 44% of the American population has received complete vaccination. Unfortunately, the number is just over 14 percent in Canada. However, vaccine enthusiasm is still pretty high in Canada. About 65 percent of Canadians have gotten their first dose of the vaccine. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the number is only 52 percent for the U.S. American politicians are rooting for Canadians when it comes to full vaccinations. They hope that the Trudeau government will lift border restrictions as a result. The Canadian government said that it expects to do so by early July. However, they have still not specified the exact timeline.