Trudeau announces ambitious recovery plan


Trudeau has announced a new ambitious recovery plan for the country

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, has presented a new ‘ambitious’ recovery plan for the ‘unprecedented reality’ that the country faces. The new agenda includes new investments and also initiatives directed at recovery from the pandemic situation. The PM, while unveiling the plan, pledged to support Canadians ‘through this crisis as long as it lasts, whatever it takes’.

The first critics did not wait to critique the Liberal’s agenda, claiming it lacked commitment to fiscal restraint. Moreover, Conservatives remarked how the new plan fails to address the needs of ‘everyday Canadians’. Meanwhile, Trudeau appears to be speaking to a country bracing for a second impact. ‘We’re on the brink of a fall that could be much worse than the spring’, said the PM, highlighting that a second wave was already underway.

What does the recovery plan entail?

The new recovery efforts will place climate initiatives at the core, with the creation of green jobs a high priority. Moreover, the PM speech includes a commitment to long-term investment in childcare. This is in order to enable women’s return to the workforce. A stronger commitment to national healthcare reverberates through the new recovery plan, with new higher standards and tougher penalties for cases of neglect.

One of the key promises of the plan is to create more than a million jobs. But there is also that of extending subsidies until next summer, therefore supporting hardest-hit businesses. The government is also fully committing to subsidise sectors more affected by the pandemic such as the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.