Toronto’s businesses will reopen


Toronto’s businesses will reopen after months of lockdown

Toronto’s businesses will reopen after three-month lockdown. Ontario Premier Doug Ford also confirmed that other regions will join the city in enabling businesses to reopen. Canada’s most populous city, as well as its financial and cultural capital, has chosen to trust and empower its citizens once again. Therefore many malls and restaurants all around the GTA will be able to reopen. This change will also reflect on the Peel Region, containing some of the city’s most densely populated areas.

Ontario, meanwhile, has started gradually reopening its economy this month, though Toronto was initially out of the list. The government’s plan is to ease the transition and to continue monitoring health trends. Medical experts will take a proactive role in the management of any outbreak, yet people need to stay vigilant.

PM Ford said about the coronavirus: ‘It can turn and bite us in the backside in about a heartbeat’. But the city’s reopening couldn’t have been postponed. This because the metropolis is home to the country’s biggest banks and insurers, which will still implement social distancing until at least September.

Since the first cases in February and March, the coronavirus has claimed 8430 lives in Canada. Over 100 thousand people tested positive. Toronto also saw over 1000 deaths within its city limits. In southwestern Ontario, near the Michigan border, a new outbreak among migrant farm workers is threatening lockdown easing. ‘Farmers just aren’t cooperating. We’ll give it another shot, but then we’re going to have to pull out other tools’, said PM Ford.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also confirmed there are no plans to reopen the nation’s borders, notwithstanding pressure from the airline and tourism industry. The government remains cautious and urges caution from citizens. But steps towards a new normalcy are already underway.