Toronto still attractive to immigrants


Toronto will still be attractive to immigrants after coronavirus pandemic

Toronto is probably Canada’s biggest showpiece for its miracle economic growth. Being also one of the most multicultural and fastest growing cities in the world, Toronto attracted thousands of immigrants. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) grew considerably in the last twenty years, and most of this growth comes from immigration. Only in the last 12 months, starting from July 1, 2019, Toronto added over 130000 people to its population. Most of these are immigrants in search for better opportunities. Toronto offers both a welcoming hand, and exciting opportunities for thousands of crafts and occupations.

The GTA is the fastest growing metropolitan area in North America, with the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolis coming in second place, with 120000 newcomers. Many in Canada see Toronto (with Montreal and Vancouver close behind) as the crown jewel of Canada’s model economy. The GTA will grow to 8 million people in the next ten years – and might become one of the leading global centres for culture, trade and politics.

What does it offer for immigrants?

What does the GTA offer to immigrants from all over the world? When it comes to jobs, the city has a lively and developed technology sector. This is still growing and offering many opportunities especially when it comes to remote working. As the capital of Ontario, Canada’s richest and most populous region, the city also draws directly from the OINP to add skilled migrants to its workforce. But it is not only technology that attracts immigrants: there are many opportunities for professionals dealing with finance, health, real estate, and culture.

The city is also one of the world’s leading multicultural centres. Nearly half of residents is foreign-born, and the GTA takes over 1/3 of total immigrants to Canada every year. The city’s emergency dial (9-1-1) is equipped to respond to over 150 languages. Over two-hundred different ethnicities are represented in Toronto.

With six universities, four colleges, and over a hundred residential developments in the city, Toronto is aiming to satisfy the need of its citizens. This is why even after the pandemic the GTA will still attract people from all over the world.