Tornado kills a man in Montreal


Tornado kills a man in Montreal. It touched down in Mascouche, Que, and killed a man in his sixties. The Canadian Red Cross teams will help displaced people. In fact, around 50 to 100 people had to leave because of the damage from the high winds. The tornado damaged 75 and 100 homes. It killed a man in his sixties. The father of three died in the storm just after 6 p.m. Guillaume Tremblay, the mayor of Mascouche, offered condolences to the victim’s family. Tremblay commented on the damage that the tornado has caused. “We have houses that were blown off their foundations,” he said.

Environment Canada says there was at least one tornado. However, they are unsure how strong it was or what path it took. The Red Cross spokesperson said they would set up an information kiosk in a community center at 2510 de Mascouche Boulevard. It is 40 kilometers northeast of Montreal.

In particular, displaced people by the tornado will receive care for the next 72 hours from the Red Cross. First and foremost, the care includes food and lodging. Monday afternoon, the national weather agency alerted the public. They warned of possible severe thunderstorms, strong winds, hail, lightning, and tornadoes in several regions. The regions ranged from Montreal’s South Shore to the Quebec City region. Environment Canada urges people to take cover in case of threatening weather.

Hydro-Quebec reported that more than 50,000 customers lost power. Videos from the area show wind funnels near homes and wires. Harold Tidy is a teacher on the subject of hurricanes and tornadoes. In fact, was cleaning the swimming pool when it started. According to him, the tornado lasted 15 to 20 seconds and was around 15 meters in diameter. “It came right down my driveway. I’ve never seen that in this region before. I’ve seen storms. We’ve been frozen out in the winter. But never a storm like this.”