The US suspends Johnson & Johnson vaccine


The US has decided to suspend Johnson & Johnson vaccine rollout due to concerns over blood clots

The Federal Drugs Administration (FDA) has decided to suspend the rollout of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the US. This is because of its current investigation into reports of blood clots following administration of the vaccine. In a statement, the FDA said they are recommending to ‘pause’ Johnson & Johnson doses until the investigation is complete. At the same time, they still describe this as a precautionary measure due to an ‘abundance of caution.’

Meanwhile, the FDA clarified there is no concern on the Moderna and the Pfizer BioNTech doses. Another vaccine that countries were concerned about was the AstraZeneca, after reports of blood clots in Europe. Nonetheless, the figures still show overwhelming benefits from vaccines in comparison to risks.

The FDA decision appears to follow six reported cases of blood clots in the United States. These recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine developed a rare disorder that included blood clots two weeks after the jab. All of the recipients happened to be women aged between 18 and 48. Out of these six, one died, while another woman was hospitalized.

Of the nine million doses out in the States, the country has administered the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to nearly seven million of its citizens. This means that the statics, for now, show an incidence of about six in seven million when it comes to developing blood clots.

The FDA and CDC are urging recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine not to underestimate early symptoms. These include headaches, abdominal pain, joint pain, or difficulties breathing in the three weeks following the first jab. For its part, Johnson & Johnson has shared all relevant clinical test information with the US authorities. It has also stated it will delay its supply of doses in Europe until the European Medicines Agency completes its own checking processes.