The UK and EU reach a post-Brexit deal


The UK and EU finally reached today a provisional trade agreement

The UK and EU finally reached a provisional deal on Thursday after months of talks. Some might also say this deal has come at the last minute. Yet nonetheless, the agreement will certainly avert the cross-border chaos that would ensue during the holidays. As the UK at last splits from the EU next week, the British government had to provide quickly. Both British and European authorities confirmed the reaching of a provisional deal, while the full text is still not out.

This provisional trade agreement reiterates the two sides’ willingness to trade without tariffs or quotas. But there’s still much that remains quite blurry and uncertain, such as future disputes like fishing rights. Even though the relevant authorities reached a compromise after intense negotiations, no one seems satisfied. Not the British government, who reiterated since spring that Britain would prosper even in a ‘no-deal scenario’, nor the EU who sought to make Britain, for lack of a better term, ‘an example’.

After four and a half years since the Brexit referendum, the relationship between the UK and the EU remains ever controversial. From the ‘Take back control’ slogans to the utter indifference of Brussels authorities, nothing in this story seemed quite right from the start. Nonetheless, on January 1, 2021, the breakup will start feeling quite real. Among huge changes, British citizens and EU nationals won’t have the same rights when moving outside of Britain (for the former) or to Britain (for the latter). Bureaucracy might soar, leaving many exporters and importers face customs declarations, checks, and other obstacles.