Supreme Court says federal carbon price is constitutional


In a split decision, Supreme Court declares federal carbon price to be constitutional

Following a split decision, the Supreme Court has declared the federal carbon price to be constitutional. This decision, therefore, upholds one of the key tenets of the Liberal climate-change plan. Trudeau and his Liberal party are looking to cut carbon emissions significantly in the next decade.

Environmental Minister Jonathan Wilkinson praised the decision, commenting that this is a ‘win’ for the country and its citizens. Moreover, Wilkinson reiterated Canadians dreams of building a prosperous economy without renouncing fighting climate change. “The question is whether this decision will put an end to the efforts of Conservative politicians fighting climate action in court and whether they will join Canadians in fighting climate change”, he stated.

The federal government had the responsibility to prove this was an issue of national concern for the carbon price to be federal. The Liberal party succeeded: Chief Justice Richard Wagner stated in the ruling that climate change is a real danger. “The undisputed existence of a threat to the future of humanity cannot be ignored”, the ruling states.

After implementing the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act in 2019, this is a new step towards an even greener Canada. Wagner also aided Liberal policies by stating that provinces cannot set minimum standards on their own. With the court ruling that climate change is “an existential challenge”, a new era of Canadian lawmaking begins. One where representatives will address national challenges also through the lens of global climate change.