Schools cancel trips over coronavirus


Schools have canceled trips over coronavirus fears

Schools won’t partake in any international trips amid growing Coronavirus fears. It is official that Nova Scotia’s Regional Centres for Education have issued a province-wide ban on all international trips.

Zach Churchill, the Minister of Education, said: ‘It was decided at their level, which is a decision that I support’. Moreover, Churchill added that the ban also entails country which are not high-risk right now. This is in order to minimise risk.

The ban will affect any international school trip scheduled before April 30. This is the decision by the regional centres as it stands today. Also this week there will be yet another meeting between principals and staff to discuss school trips.

However, the centres could change the deadline if the situation does not deescalate or worsens. Churchill has reiterated that all institutions are working closely to tackle the health situation in the country.

Unknown causes of contagion start to appear

Meanwhile, new cases of COVID-2019 have appeared on the West Coast of the United States. Worried health officials confirmed three infected cases in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

Apparently, the older Northern California woman, the high school student in Washington and the employee in Oregon have not travelled overseas recently nor have had any contact with a traveler or infected person. Also Santa Clara County, near San Francisco, reported two cases where the source of infection is unknown.

Santa Clara County health officer Sara Cody stated: ‘This case represents some degree of community spread, some degree of circulation’. However, Cody is unsure regarding the extent of the spread.

All these new cases are starting to confirm that we have as of yet no comprehensive understanding of COVID-2019 transmission. Moreover, such cases highlight how difficult could it be for hospitals to properly diagnose and identify the root cause of coronavirus infection.

Still, officials are not currently too concerned about casual contact transmission, and many cases in North America appear mild as of now.