Same-sex couples will obtain citizenship for children born abroad


Same-sex couples will obtain citizenship for children born abroad much more easily than before

Same-sex couples can look at today and rejoice. Finally, the process to obtain citizenship for children born abroad will become much easier. Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino announced today a change to immigration rules. Previously, for same-sex couples to obtain citizenship for children born overseas was difficult. That would happen only if the child was related to the Canadian parent or was born to a Canadian citizen. For example, if a Canadian father has a child with a non-Canadian national overseas, the child automatically qualifies for citizenship. If a Canadian mother gives birth overseas, the newborn also qualifies automatically.

But this understanding greatly penalised same-sex couples – until now. Mendicino has described the previous system with harsh words. ‘The process was more cumbersome and didn’t treat [same-sex couples] equally under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms’, he said. He added: ‘It was not only unjust but an unneeded source of stress and uncertainty for couples focused on the excitement of starting their new family. It was a situation faced by many, including LGBTQ2S+ and parents who experienced fertility issues.’

Mendicino also stated the government is looking to change the interpretation of ‘parent’. This will allow non-biological Canadian parents to pass down Canadian citizenship. Mendicino, furthermore, stressed how beneficial would this change be to the LGBTQ community. ‘It makes a strong statement to recognize the diversity of Canadian families, a statement which demonstrates the government’s commitment to strengthening diversity and fostering inclusion’, he concluded.