Quebecois women affected more than men


Coronavirus affects Quebecois women more than men, according to officials

Quebecois women, according to health officials, are more in danger than men when it comes to the outbreak. Contrary to trends in other countries, which see the virus affecting man the most, situation is different in Quebec. Women, in fact, account for 59.7 per cent of infected in Quebec. The Quebec National Institute of Public Health, also, lists female victims as 54 per cent of total deaths due to coronavirus.

Moreover, the Institute confirmed 36,986 cases in the province, with a total of 2,786 victims. There seems as of today no explanation regarding why women are more affected than men by coronavirus. However, the large majority of caregivers and nurses in the province are women. This could give more insight into why this group seems to be overly represented in statistics.

Statistics also show how coronavirus affects mostly the age group between 30 to 49, accounting for 28 per cent of cases. Mortality, however, is higher in the age group between 80 and 89, accounting for 40 per cent of deaths. 90 years or older account for 33.4 per cent of victims.

According to new data, the rate of contagion puts Quebec in line with European nations. Quebec has 433 cases per 100,000 people – behind Spain, Italy and the UK, but ahead of the USA and of Canada as a whole.

We might have an idea which factors influence the higher rate of female cases rather than men cases in Quebec. However, there is still much to research. Especially, it will be important to define in the upcoming studies exactly where are the centres of contagion, and how does the virus spread so quickly. Korea has yesterday again decided to close bars and clubs for fears of a second wave. Korean officials believe a 29-year-old man infected dozens after visiting 5 bars and clubs in a single night out.