Prairie premiers urging Biden not to axe pipeline


Prairie premiers across Canada are urging President-elect Joe Biden not to axe the Keystone pipeline project

Prairie premiers Jason Kenney from Alberta and Scott Moe from Saskatchewan urge Joe Biden to reconsider axing the Keystone pipeline. The President-elect has before committed to cancel the pipeline project once he takes office. Now, many Canadians are asking him to go back on his decision. Premier Moe also stated that it is important for this project to go through. This is because of its benefits not only to Canadians and Americans, but to all of North America.

‘It’s our hope that the Biden administration will listen to the merits as to why this pipeline is necessary’, said Moe. The Keystone XL pipeline is an extension aiming to transport 830,000 barrels of crude oil daily from Alberta to Nebraska. The project has been controversial for a long time. Premier Kenney, meanwhile, said that the province might take legal action against the US administration if Biden cancels the project.

Green Party criticises over-reliance on crude oil projects

‘We believe we would have very strong arguments for legal recourse for damages incurred’, stated Kenney. ‘This is, I believe, without precedent for an American administration retroactively to seek to cancel a piece of infrastructure that already exists’. Kenney also stated that he hopes Canada’s relations with the new administration ‘do not start off the wrong foot’.

Both provinces Alberta and Saskatchewan have a reason to be financially concerned by this axing. Alberta alone invested over $1.5 billion in this project. And now, other political parties such as the Green Party have spoken of failure of political leadership. Green Party Leader Annamie Paul stated that Moe and Kenney ‘should have been ready’ for this axing, which has been a long time coming. ‘We knew for a long time that if President-elect Biden won the presidential election, he was going to be cancelling this project’, said Paul. ‘What good leadership — federally and provincially – should have done was to plan for that’.

The Green Party has previously been vocal in its criticism of prairie provinces’ over-reliance on crude oil projects. The failure of political leadership in Alberta and Saskatchewan is ‘what’s really putting workers and people in Alberta and Saskatchewan at risk right now’, according to Paul.