Police rescues boy via helicopter


Police in Canada have rescued a boy through night vision and helicopter use

Police in Ontario have rescued a 6 year old special needs boy who went missing in a forest. What’s more is that to locate the boy, the police used canine teams, night vision technology and also an helicopter.

This happened in September 22. A panicking mother called the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), as confirmed by social media posts. “My son, who is special needs, who is 6 years old, is missing”, one can hear the mother saying. “He’s been missing for about 45 minutes, we’ve been looking for him. It will be dark before we know it”.

Once received the call, the OPP sent out to find the missing boy, and released the night vision video of the operation. Thanks to helicopters and canine teams, what appeared to be the outline of a small child near the waterline turned out to be the missing 6 year old.

The helicopter guided the land team to the rescue. ‘”We’re bringing him out. He appears to be in good condition’, the officers on the ground report. ‘That’s awesome boys’, exclaims the helicopter pilot before signing off. A prompt and efficient operation by the Ontario police force.