Polar vortex coming to Canada


A polar vortex threatens to cut short Canada’s warm winter

A polar vortex is heading towards Canada, and this means this year’s warm winter won’t last. The phenomenon happens when cold air from the Arctic stretches far south. This vortex, warns Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave Phillips, could hit Canada as soon as next week.

Phillips previously stated that the vortex wouldn’t arrive before the last week of January. However, after reviewing the data, he is moving the forecast to next week. According to Phillips, Manitoba could experience daily highs well below freezing, and up to overnight lows of -20 C. In the following weeks, the vortex will reach the three westernmost provinces of Canada, and bring overnight lows of -30 C.

Phillips remarks that this year’s winter has been largely mitigated by warmer phenomena. ‘Where is winter? It’s been missing in action. While we are the second-coldest country in the world, and the snowiest, the polar vortex is sometimes a reality check for us’, said Phillips.

Nonetheless, if this big freeze does come, it might last only a couple of weeks. While there’s evidence from researchers that climate change is causing increased polar vortex activity, it’s probably these vortexes won’t be as intense as past years.