PM calls to open Canada’s borders


PM Jason Kenney calls for opening Canada’s borders

PM Jason Kenney has called for Canada to open its borders. Alberta Premier has also remarked how lifting the restrictions is critical to ensure Alberta’s economic recovery. The restrictions in place since March 18 have helped contain the outbreak, and will be in effect until end of June. However, Kenney is calling for the federal government to smoothly manage the transition. The bottom line is that international and domestic travel is pivotal to the provinces’ recovery.

Who’s PM Jason Kenney?

PM Jason Kenney is also a former immigration minister and the longest serving one a that, as he led the IRCC between 2008 and 2013. He is recognised as the country’s most influential immigration minister, as he modernised and thoroughly reformed Canada’s immigration system. For example, he was the one to oversee the eventual start of the Express Entry system.

In 2019 he ran for Premier of Alberta and won, with a program where immigration has been the motor of its economic miracle. Kenney has used the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to stimulate Alberta’s economic development.

How to reopen borders?

PM Kenney is pointing to Iceland, Austria and New Zealand as powerful examples of countries that opted to re-open borders. For instance, Iceland’s strategy has been to offer COVID-19 tests to all incoming travelers, exempting those negative from the mandatory two-week quarantine at arrival.

Kenney is without a doubt concerned that prolonging restrictions will cause the economy to continue suffering. Canada still continues to require a two-week quarantine upon entering in the country. The Canadian airline industry is arguing that this requirement discourages many to travel to Canada if not for necessary reasons. Instead, many propose to just rely to enhanced safety and health measures to prevent the spread in airports. Among these measures would be mandatory mask-wearing, temperature checks, and rapid testing. Canada is looking to make an announcement by the end of the month on whether travel restrictions will be lifted.