Ottawans reinvent Canada Day


Ottawans reinvent Canada Day finding new ways to celebrate their pride

Ottawans have really done it all now! Because of pandemic, Parliament Hill could not host this year’s Canada Day celebrations. Yet, the people of Ottawa found ways to make this year’s celebrations as memorable as possible nonetheless! Showing their Canadian pride, Ottawans turned to neighbourhoods, city parks and beaches to begin the festivity.

Marking the 153rd year since the country’s foundation, some opted for secluded spaces, others for outright protests against lockdown measures. Near Parliament Hill, hundreds of anti-government protesters gathered, complaining against PM Justin Trudeau and brandishing banners against public health recommendations.

Others, however, followed recommendations and simply went for long walks, many parents choosing quiet neighbourhoods and areas such as ByWard Market. Moreover, immigrants also took part in the celebrations, whose kids have been born on Canadian soil and are therefore Canadians. Immigrants from Iraq and Tunisia stated that ‘today feels special’, that they are ‘proud’ to be already part of Canada.

Couples also chose to celebrate romantically in Major’s Hill Park – for ‘chill sessions’ and outdoor picnics. Weather was also kind to Ottawa this year, and many people opted for shorts and t-shirts. Formal outerwear might now seem austere especially in current social and political climate.

All in all, this year’s Canada Day reaffirmed the pride and devotion Canadians identify with their country. Canada remains one of the best places to live for anybody that wishes to make it their home.