Ontario to enter lockdown


The Province of Ontario plans to enter lockdown after Christmas to contain the spread of COVID-19

Ontario will enter lockdown after Christmas, as Premier Ford confirms cases of COVID-19 are rising. Following the announcement, the province will enter lockdown on Saturday. Ford, nonetheless, implored Ontario residents to stay home except for groceries or health emergencies.

Premier Ford stated: “Covid is spreading rapidly from high-outbreak areas to areas with fewer cases. [That’s why,] unfortunately, despite the restrictions, we’ve seen growing numbers of people traveling between regions within Ontario”. To put the growth into perspective, COVID-19 hospitalizations have increased by 74 percent in the last four weeks. Hospitals are backlogging thousands of surgeries as the health system braces to withstand the wave.

Regarding schools, Ford stressed that they ‘are not part of the problem’ spreading COVID-19 in Ontario communities. However, out of caution, the government of Ontario will extend school closures over the winter break. Moreover, Ford has called repeatedly for government to help Ontario by closing borders to mitigate the spread from travelers.

Meanwhile, after the new strain of coronavirus appeared, Canada chose to restrict travelling from and to the U.K. In Ontario, because of lockdown, any type of gathering larger than a single household will be restricted.