Online shopping to hit record in Canada


Online shopping set to hit record in Canada this year

Online shopping is to hit a record in 2020 in Canada because restrictions on in-person shopping during the pandemic. In new estimates from Statistics Canada, e-commerce doubled between February and May. Afterwards, there was a small drop in the summer as stores went back to in-person shoppings. New restrictions that came in Autumn are forcing many to adopt e-commerce as a standard solution.

Moreover, Statistics Canada says that 2020 will probably beat 2019’s total e-commerce sales. Such figures have doubled since 2013, suggesting that online shopping has become a key feature of our interlinked societies. But that’s not all: when it comes to holiday gifts, a survey by Google Canada revealed over 70 per cent of respondents were looking online.

As the pandemic situation worsens and Toronto is placed on lockdown, several Canadian retailers are filing for protection. Among these are Le Chateau, Mountain Equipment Co-operative, GNC Holdings and Also. Statistics Canada, meanwhile, highlights how in 2019 the majority of online sales across country were business-to-business. Nonetheless, 1 in 4 Canadians engaged in e-commerce in 2019, and we can be sure this year it was many more.

While for many e-commerce is a perfect opportunity to diversify their business and find niche and audience, local businesses with a small online presence feel threatened. First the pandemic, then the lockdown, and now newer restrictions could make the matter worse. Other than Toronto, other municipalities and provinces from the Atlantic to the Pacific regions are looking to tighten restrictions. Under these conditions, it would be no surprise if e-commerce sales skyrocketed.