Nova Scotia gunman kills 19


Nova Scotia gunman kills 19 in worst shooting rampage of Canada’s history

Nova Scotia gunman has killed 19 people in what has become the worst shooting rampage of Canada’s history. There is still no exact number of death toll, nor there is a clear motivation for the mass killings. The police shot down the gunman after an escalation, and suspect his identity is that of Gabriel Wortman, 51, from Halifax area.

Gabriel Wortman worked as a denturist and divided his time between two proprieties: one in Halifax, and the other in Portapique. Moreover, the dynamic of the killings is shocking. RCMP, who identified Wortman as the main suspect, also confirmed he was wearing a RCMP vest.

RCMP Chief Supt. Chris Leather states Wortman used a mock-up made to look like an RCMP vehicle. This probably confirms that the act was premeditated by Wortman. Even so, the gunman appears to have chosen his victims at random.

What we know and what we don’t know

We know there have been 19 confirmed victims, but this is expected to rise. The police have now confirmed that Wortman knew some, but not all, of the victims. Among the victims is RCMP veteran Const. Heidi Stevenson. The police believe Wortman killed Stevenson after she responded to the incident. Stevenson was an RCMP veteran of over 23 years and a mother of two kids.

Among the victims was also Lisa McCully, a teacher from Dalbert Elementary. Moreover, two nurses were among the victims, Heather O’Brien and Kristen Beaton. They were part of Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada (VON Canada). Other deaths are mostly civilians who appear to have been chose at random.

What we don’t know as of now:

  • The exact motive of the killings. It’s still to early in the investigation for the RCMP to provide any light onto the why the killings were committed.
  • The exact death toll. This is expected to rise as news keep coming from Nova Scotia. The random nature of the killing spree indicates there might be many more still missing from the count.
  • Other locations. Many of the killings were spread out in a vast geographical area of Nova Scotia. This means there might be many more crime scenes yet to be discovered.
  • The circumstances surrounding Wortman’s death. There is confirmation the police shot down Wortman after a shootout, but we still have no complete information. The police are also investigating the circumstances of the gunman’s ultimate demise.

We will keep you updated as more news keep coming. As of today, all we know is that this terrible tragedy will be forever remembered in Nova Scotia. The province has started mourning for its losses and paying tributes to the victims.