National Bank announces grants for athletes


National Bank to grant between $10000 to $20000 to struggling athletes

National Bank, the Canadian bank based in Montreal, has announced it will offer cash grants to struggling Canadian tennis players. The bank will offer this grant to tennis players ranked between 750 and 100. Many athletes are now struggling because of nationwide lockdown measures, which prohibit large organised sport events. Financial, personal and mental struggle comes from hardships of not being able to play, train, or perform in the discipline these athletes love so much.

Every sanctioned tennis event has been called off since March. This is due to the high risk of outbreak in the event of large gatherings. Studies have shown the coronavirus can easily survive in surfaces and air droplets. This could mean that every gathering larger than 5 or 6 has the potential to develop into a cluster.

Tennis events will resume at the end of August, except for the Rogers Cup in Toronto. The WTA and ATP have also been suspended, at least since the middle of the summer. As the world comes to term with living under social distancing, there are many who face uncertain future.

Sports and athletic disciplines, the outdoor music industry and other sectors brace to recover from lockdown measures. National Bank hopes these grants will help those that need the most right now. Among the recipients will be: Sharon Fichman (No.48 in women’s doubles), Leylah Annie Fernandez, (No.118 in women’s singles), Brayden Schnur (No.177 in men’s singles), Peter Polansky (No.192 in men’s singles) and Rebecca Marino (No.300 in women’s singles).

23 Canadian tennis players will thus be able to receive the grants. On their Twitter account, Tennis Canada lauded National Bank for this initiative. ‘With this gesture, we are encouraging them to pursue the development of their talent and their ambitions’, said National Bank in a statement.