Malian woman gives birth to nine babies


A Malian woman has just given birth to nine kids in Morocco

A Malian woman just gave birth to nine babies all in one cesarian operation. She was expecting only seven, but nonuplets were born. This appears to be the first time in recorded history that a woman gave birth to nine children at once. The nonuplets, five girls and five boys, as well as their mother, are ‘doing well’, according to Mali’s health minister. The mother, 25-year-old Halima Cisse, gave birth in a clinic in Morocco. Malian doctors sent her there under the government’s orders, after it became clear that hospitals in Mali could not care adequately for the special pregnancy.

Medical officers in Morocco ordered a cesarean operation after Cisse reported ‘birth pains’. Shortly thereafter, the Guinness Book of World Records contacted The AP on Wednesday to confirm this is the current record for most living births. Previously, an American woman, Nadya Suleman, held the record, with eight children born at once in 2009.

As far as we know, Cisse has not used any fertility treatments before. Alaoui, the Moroccan clinic director, confirmed this, but did not issue any other information. Nonetheless, Yacoub Khalaf, a professor of reproductive medicine at King’s College London, said it is ‘extraordinarily unlikely’ for this to happen without fertility treatments. He also noted that such multiple births usually result in dangers for the mother.

Khalaf remarked that the mother was at ‘severe risk’ of losing her uterus and her life because of this pregnancy. For this multiple births, moreover, the risk of cerebral palsy in babies is high. Many of them could suffer physical and mental handicaps. Still, everything worked out fine for Cisse, who gave birth to nine healthy children.

The Casablanca clinic stated that they had contacted Malian doctors to offer their service over a month ago. But they were still expecting seven, and not nine. All in all, this miracle in Casablanca could be remembered for long time to come.