Hockey Canada board of directors now filled by women


Hockey Canada board of directors now has 3 women in leading positions

Hockey Canada board of directors now counts Andrea Skinner, Leanne Standryk, Mary Anne Veroba among its ranks. The organisation announced on Sunday that Hockey Canada had hired the three women to its board. Skinner, Standryk and Veroba all have outstanding experience in hockey and also as directors.

“With respect to the board of directors, as a first step in our efforts to be more diverse, Hockey Canada and its members approved a by-law change at the 2019 annual meeting which requires the board to have representation from both genders [a minimum of two males and two females] by fall of 2020”, stated Hockey Canada.

Furthermore, Hockey Canada specified it upholds the task to recruit a more diverse group of board nominees, including visible minorities. Previously, Standryk served as advocate before the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC). Meanwhile, Veroba has served on the Saskatchewan Hockey Association’s board of directors for over 20 years. Skinner is the former captain of the Cornell’s University women’s hockey team. All three have experience in coaching, mediators, arbitrators and chairmen.

Skinner, Standryk and Veroba will soon join Terry Engen and Bobby Sahni. These 5 are the newest members of the board. We can say the future of hockey in Canada is in good hands.