Helicopter crash in Alberta kills 4


An helicopter crash in Norther Alberta left 4 dead, a couple and two of their daughters

Exactly on New Year’s Day, tragedy unfolded as a helicopter crash left 4 dead. Afterward, the family identified the victims as couple Wade and Aubrey Balisky and two of their daughters, Jewel and Fleur.

Apparently, the helicopter was a Robinson R44, and Wade Balisky was also an experienced pilot. Nonetheless, it crashed in a farmer’s field approximately 100 km northeast of Great Prairie. The authorities will launch an official investigation.

Meanwhile, Grande Prairie – Mackenzie MP Christopher Warkentin shared a joint statement. The MP is Aubrey’s cousin, and the Balisky and Warkentin families have been close for generations. Warkentin expressed gratitude for the hundreds who reached out, stating the family is ‘overwhelmed’ by the love and support of their communities.

MP Warkentin’s joint statement on Facebook.

As of today, however, there’s still much to understand about this tragedy. A representative from the Transportation Safety Board stated the helicopter’s flight path was unknown. It’s also unclear what was its destination.

The young couple, Wade and Aubrey, were 45 and 37, while Jewel and Fleur were 8 and 2. They are survived by three other children, aged 16, 14, and 12. The family lived in DeBolt, Alberta, where many mourn the tragic passing of the Baliskys.