Government to settle lawsuit on veteran benefits


After indexing error on veteran benefits left many shortchanged, government is to settle lawsuit

Veteran benefits are an important source of income for many. Now a legal action aims to correct an oversight that began in 2002. This had also gone undetected for almost eight years. After the department discovered in 2010 of the indexing error, it did not contact the 272,000 affected veterans nor offered to reimburse them.

Therefore, the federal government activated. Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence MacAulay confirmed that the process of compensation is underway. Many veterans and their families filed lawsuits in the last couple years asking for accountability. John Embury, meanwhile, said that as of January 11, 2021, more than 107,000 of the 272,000 veterans have received upwards of $77.3 in reimbursement.

Nonetheless, for the remaining 140,000 cases to receive adeguate compensation could be difficult. This is because the 107,000 reimbursed cases represented veterans still alive or family members which were easily reachable. But the remaining cases deal primarily with soldiers, aircrew and sailors who have passed away. The investigation by CBC News uncovered how officials tried to gloss over the error when they first discovered it.