Evacuations in Okanagan


There are ongoing evacuations in Okanagan after a new wildfire in British Columbia. It has resulted in the evacuation of around 80 houses. Furthermore, the officials have told residents of hundreds of more homes to be ready to evacuate at any time. The B.C. Wildfire Service has detected flames on Sunday. The fire started in the hills on the southeast side of Skaha Lake. east of Okanagan Falls. The flames have burned an estimated five square kilometers of the rural region within a matter of hours.

According to the wildfire service, eight firemen, two helicopters, and much heavy equipment arrived before dark and worked through the night. The officials suspect that humans have caused the fire. It is one of more than 300 that are now blazing throughout British Columbia. Thirty-five of them had started just Saturday.

Wildfires in Canada

The wildfire service has rated 25 flames as particularly dangerous or visible. Among these are the freshly started fire that caused evacuations in the Okanagan Falls. It is a catastrophic fire that devastated the hamlet of Lytton and another north of Kamloops that has burnt 402 square kilometers of forest in only two weeks.

The officials have rated the danger of wildfire high or extreme across most of British Columbia, including the one that has caused evacuations in the Okanagan. Environment Canada has issued new heat advisories for portions of the central and southern interior. It includes the area where workers are still battling the 88 square-kilometer fire that destroyed Lytton.

The meteorological service issued heat warnings on Sunday. They are predicting above-seasonal daytime temperatures of 33 C to 38 C and only modestly milder conditions overnight.

“Heat warnings are issued when very high temperature or humidity conditions are expected to pose an elevated risk of heat illnesses, such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion,” the Environment Canada warning said.