Drive-thru started putting card machines on hockey sticks


Drive-thru restaurants in Canada have started putting card machines on hockey sticks

Drive-thru at Harvey’s, the Canadian burger chain, have now started putting card machines on hockey sticks. That’s right: you got that absolutely correct. This might be the most Canadian thing yet since the starting of the coronavirus epidemic. And with this new idea, clients are sure to respect social distancing measures. And, of course, respect Canadian symbols as well!

Harvey drive-thru restaurants points will attach each point-of-sales machine to Bauer sticks in order to enforce social distancing measures and to limit contact between customers and employees. But this is not the only heart-warming feat of the new Harvey strategy: indeed, Harvey will donate to Food Banks Canada a seizable portion of all drive-thru proceeds.

David Colebrook, CEO of Harvey’s Burgers, said: “Only in Canada would we use our iconic hockey sticks to ensure everyone stays safe at a physical distance while buying their Harvey’s burgers.”

Colebrook also remarked: “It’s a creative and fun solution to a challenging issue. And it ensures we can keep feeding Canadians through our restaurants and food banks.”

Some have even started referring to this as the ‘Burger Trick’:

Moreover, Mary-Kay Messier from Bauer also commented on the initiative. “We’re all one team in combating COVID-19 and in helping to keep one another as safe as possible during this pandemic”, she said. “Until hockey re-starts, we’re glad to put our sticks to good use.”

After all, we have never been more proud of being Canadian. So many companies have started similar socially-conscious initiatives, aiming at improving citizens’ lives. Difficult times are ahead, but we are, today more than ever, stronger together.