Dr. Bonnie Henry portrait watches over Third Beach


Dr. Bonnie Henry portrait watches over Third Beach, after site saw large crowds gathering

Dr. Bonnie Henry’s portrait now watches, sternly, those who wish to visit Third Beach. Vancouver street artist iHeart, known for his murals across the city, installed the portrait on Saturday. This comes after a large crowd gathered at the beach after a drum circle. Third Beach visitors must now endure the gaze of Dr. Bonnie Henry – iHeart remarks: ‘there’s a new lifeguard on duty’.

iHeart continued: ‘I put Dr. Bonnie Henry down at Third as a gentle reminder that although we might be over Covid, it’s not over us’. iHeart’s true identity remains a mystery, since the artist has chosen to remain anonymous. On Tuesday evening, Third Beach was the site of a large drum circle. Hundreds gathered, drumming and dancing close together, ignoring distancing regulations. Because of that, Dr. Henry addressed the gathering with these words: ‘Being outside means it’s less risky, but it’s not zero risk’.

The aim, of course, is to keep small group gatherings safe and at distance from each other. Meanwhile, reactions on social media have been mixed. Dr. Henry’s portrait is loved by some, but there are others who are not amused. One user replied: ‘I love it! Don’t mess with Bonnie.’ ‘Dr. Bonnie Henry’s scowling head on a stick is disrespectful and cheap’, said another. ‘It is not art.’ It might be possible authorities will soon choose to dismantle the portrait, even though many are calling for it to stay up till the end of the summer.