Cities find new ways to celebrate Canada Day


Cities are finding new ways to celebrate Canada Day amid coronavirus

Cities are finding new ways to celebrate Canada Day amid concerns regarding coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, many communities are starting to feel a bit desolate during celebrations. Social distancing has also forced many to celebrate apart from their families and loved ones.

Notwithstanding the cancellation of many parades and fireworks show, Canadians will find new ways to mark the country’s birthday. For example, in British Columbia orchestra conductor Stuart Martin will be conducting a virtual version of ‘O Canada’ from his backyard. He said: ‘On this particular day, I had a neighbour peak over the fence trying to figure out what I was doing. It’s an amusing thing to watch, but when the video’s all together it actually kind of looks like an orchestra. It was pretty neat.’

Martin truly believes that, as distinct as Canada Day will be this year, it will be memorable nonetheless. ‘This is just an extended version of a Zoom meeting’, he remarks. Others will perform rather than conduct. Sibling singer-songwriters Rufus and Martha Wainwright will record a 60-minute show in an empty Montreal Olympic Stadium. In this pre-recorded ‘immersive experience’, musical acts will be interspersed with speeches from politicians describing a new vision for Montreal.

Meanwhile in Edmonton, John Adria, owner of Uncle John’s Fireworks, said groups are planning a show. He’s not revealing where the show will be held nor where the fireworks will be launched from. This means they will prevent a crowd from gathering, breaching social distancing rules. ‘It’s a big show. You’ll be able to see it from many places in Edmonton, but I have said too much already’. Adria wouldn’t divulge the name of the organisation.

In Victoria and Toronto, celebrations are also moving online. The imperative is to make this Canada Day special. Mayor Lisa Helps said: ‘With everything we have experienced locally and as a country due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, this is a Canada Day we won’t soon forget’.