Cancer patient urges to stay home


Cancer patient urges people to stay home

Cancer patient has urged people to stay indoors amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has claimed so many lives globally. Dr. Krysta Pike Au, a physician undergoing cancer treatment, stressed the importance of social distancing measures.

During her time at St. John’s medical practice she was a witness to much pain and suffering. Nonetheless, nothing could have prepared her for her own breast cancer diagnosis in 2019. ‘To go through something this profound myself was absolutely excruciating. Very humbling and very scary’, she said.

Even though Pike Au is currently not working but currently undergoing chemotherapy at the Dr. H. Bliss Cancer Centre, she was struck by the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. She remarked how the Centre always had an aura of hope and love. Yet because of the COVID-19 epidemic and subsequent measures, fewer are there to take care of patients.

This stirred her to post this message on social media pages of Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation:

What dying alone is like

Recent events made Pike Au reflect on mortality and the difference between dying alone or dying surrounded by your loved ones. ‘Anyone who gets COVID-19 they’re not allowed to have people around so you would be alone’, she said. ‘All the people that were in the chemotherapy unit with me that day…I kept thinking if any of us were to get COVID-19 we wouldn’t just be alone in our treatment, we’d be alone in our final days’.

Therefore, Pike Au is urging everyone to stay at home and respect social distancing measures in place. She is hoping her message can be heard and listened by those who haven’t taken the situation seriously.

Pike Au is continuing to fight for her three daughters and her family, and wants people affected by COVID-19 to keep fighting too. Everyone else needs to be responsible: “Stay home in your own protective bubble. The virus only moves if we move. Don’t give the virus a means of continuing.”