Canadian MPS call to relocate 2022 Winter Olympics


Canadian MPs are calling to move the 2022 Winter Olympics outside China over the country’s abuse of Uighur population

Many Canadian MPs from all parties have called for the relocation of the 2022 Winter Olympics. Because of what the federal lawmakers and representatives refer to as a ‘genocidal campaign’ against Uighurs and other Muslim minorities. Therefore, the MPs drafted an open letter calling for relocation of the Winter Olympics outside of China.

In the letter they also state that such an event would become a ‘sinister, self-aggrandising spectacle’ staged for the benefit of a regime perpetrating crimes against humanity. Therefore, the MPs demand the International Olympic Committee to consider the situation. The letter goes as far as comparing the 2022 Winter Olympics to the infamous 1936 Berlin games under Nazi regime.

Earlier in November, Canada’s ambassador to the UN, Bob Rae, had called for an investigation whether China’s treatment of Uighurs constitutes genocide. Beijing has denied any wrongdoing, claiming its re-education and labour camps are actually ‘language-training programs’. However, many experts and advisors agree that China is forcing the Uighur population to ‘conform’ to mainstream Chinese society.

While the letter does not call for boycotting the games in China, it is a reminder that sports and politics do mix. ‘It is no longer a matter of politics, but of human rights and crimes against humanity’, state the MPs. Canada, though vocal in its criticism of the Uighur issue, has so far avoided calling it a ‘genocide’.