Canadian cities to ban handguns?


Toronto, Vancouver and other Canadian cities consider banning handguns after Trudeau administration aims to amend existing legislation

A number of Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Toronto are apparently considering banning handguns. This comes after the Trudeau administration stated it will introduce legislation to tighten control on firearms. The question is not only one of urban safety but also of gun violence. And the government is therefore looking to restrict not only carrying a handgun, but storing and transporting one.

After the Justin Trudeau’s administration support of restricting firearms, Canadian cities mayors applauded the decision. Both Kennedy Stewart, mayor of Vancouver, and John Tory, mayor of Toronto, welcomed the news. Stewart stated that he plans to introduce a motion banning handguns in Vancouver. He expressed the sentiment quite clearly: ‘Handguns have no place in cities’. Tory also stands with the federal plans, remarking: ‘I support any actions that the Government of Canada can take to stop gun violence and its deadly toll’.

The proposed changes to legislation would not only allow cities to ban handguns, but would also allow cities to easily cancel gun licenses. Especially, relatives and friends of a gun owner could request the seizing of weapons and license if there is reason to believe that person is violent. Penalties would also increase towards crimes such as gun smuggling and trafficking.

Trudeau reiterated the common cause by saying that ‘one Canadian killed by gun violence is one too many’. Unfortunately, with elections looming close, there’s still no certainty whether this legislation will be enacted. Trudeau promised to amend Canada’s gun legislation in the successful 2019 election campaign. But today, a year after the government banned up to 1500 assault weapons after one of the deadliest mass shootings in the country’s history, support could become fragile soon.