Canada Soccer joins anti-racism protests


Canada Soccer issued a statement against racism

Canada Soccer issued a statement on Tuesday against racism in Canada and in the United States. Also, Canada Soccer stressed that it ‘stands with all Canadians’ who wish to build a better world beginning with respect and equality. Moreover, Canada Soccer defines sport as built on diversity and as a place that welcomes such diversity at heart. Still, the statement recognises that both Canada as a country and Canada Soccer as a sport ‘can do better’.

This statement comes with a strong response from the community. Previously, many experts had stated companies had to get back and support anti-racism with effort and action. Another visible indicator that the organisation aimed for a more political stance is that the statement ends with #blacklivesmatter.

#Blacklivesmatter has been part of the protest since their inception but has a longer history as a slogan and symbol of anti-racism in North America. With the national sport organisation taking it at heart, we can expect political response to be high. Moreover, the statement will be read by countless supporters of soccer in the country. There’s as of now no unanimous response to the statement.

Yet, for an organisation that prides itself on diversity and inclusion, this is a powerful condemnation of abuse and violence. The statement concludes that we must be open ‘to all organisations and players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrator and officials’, and this without any discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or national origin.