Canada’s Governor General Resigns


Canada’s Governor General resigns. Julie Payette has been Canada’s governor since 2017. A former astronaut and scientist announced her resignation on Thursday. The former employees claim she has created a hostile workplace environment.
“While no formal complaints or official grievances were made during my tenure, which would have immediately triggered a detailed investigation as prescribed by law and the collective agreements in place, I still take these allegations very seriously,” Payette said.

Former government employees accused Payette of harassing and bullying employees at official residence at Rideau Hall and on foreign trips. CBC reported the matter last year. Assunta Di Lorenzo, Secretary to the Governor-General, has also resigned following allegations that she also harassed employees.

Payette has not officially admitted misconduct. During her resignation, she said that everyone has a right to a safe work environment. Former Governor General says she is sorry this was not always the case. In her defense, she explained that people generally experience things differently. In her statement, she stressed the importance of striving to do better and being mindful of other people’s perceptions.


As Canada’s Governor General resigns, the Trudeau government investigates the allegations. However, it is unclear whether the investigation results will be made public. Yet, Trudeau has not officially confirmed the allegations regarding Payette and in his statement. He focused on the importance of ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the employees at the Government of Canada. “Today’s announcement provides an opportunity for new leadership at Rideau Hall to address the workplace concerns raised by employees during the review.” – he stated.

Payette’s resignation prevented a constitutional crisis in Canada that dismissing her could have potentially caused. At the moment, Canada’s chief justice will temporarily fulfill the governor’s duties. Justin Trudeau is about to recommend a candidate for Queen Elizabeth. Canada’s opposition leader Erin O’Toole responded by saying that all political parties must have a role in deciding who will replace Payette.