Canada Could Be the Best Place for Brits?


Rumors have been spreading about Prince Harry and Meghan moving to Canada. Does this mean that others pessimistic about the UK’s future would consider it as well?

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex returned from their six-week holiday on the shores of Vancouver Island, rumors have been passing around that the couple is considering to move to Canada permanently.

Why Canada?

Interestingly, after the Conservatives won in the December general elections, Google searches for “move to Canada” soared. Are Prince Harry and Meghan up to something? With Brexit dominating, perhaps this country of maple syrup could be the place for those disappointed to stay in the UK?

While European borders closed for many migrants and refugees, Canada continues to accept the most vulnerable. According to the UN report, the land famous for maple syrup, Margaret Atwood and is stylish prime minister Justin Trudeau, welcomed the highest number of resettled refugees in 2018. Besides, it took the ninth spot in the world for asylum seekers.

Statistics Canada reports that by 2031, 24% of the country’s population will consist of minorities. It is also one of the inclusive countries. In addition, Canada became the fourth country to legalize same-sex marriages with the biggest annual Pride parades held in Toronto.

As a result, Canada was named one of the friendliest countries in the world for immigrants according to the Expat Insider Survey and it keeps ranked one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants.

Its size is remarkable, offering different options for settling. Although 80% of Canadians live in cities, nature is literally surrounding them. Funding for the conservation of national and provincial parks is also increasing. In fact, 1/4 of the country’s land and oceans will have been protected by 2025.

Indeed, Canada is a place of wide-open spaces and adventure, but it is so much more. It is a place where you can freely express your political views without a threat being fiercely criticized.