4 Key COVID-19 Travel Questions Answered


4 Key Questions Regarding Travel During COVID-19: Discover the answers with us

Today we answer 4 key questions regarding travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope these answers shed some light into issues that might appear unclear.

Why do we need to isolate after international travel? Can’t we just get tested straight away?

Currently, everyone travelling into Canada must self-isolate for 14 days. Of course, this is in order to contain the spread of the virus – regardless of symptoms, one must endure quarantine. The time-consuming isolation period is what people dread the most. Let’s just test people! That’s the usual answer. But Matthew Chang from McGill University Health Centre, says testing might not detect COVID-19 in asymptomatic people. Moreover, there’s also the issue of supplying the tests: if we concentrate on international travellers, we might not have enough for non-travellers who need the test the most.

I have a connecting flight. Can I leave the airport before boarding the next one?

Turning a small layover into a pleasure visit was one of those sweet moments COVID-19 made us realise we were taking for granted. Connecting travellers can only leave the secure area if the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) permits them so. Read the guidelines here. Still, even though not symptomatic, they must wear a mask and avoid contacts with others while in transit, practice physical and social distancing, and must not use shared spaces in hotels such as gyms or restaurants. Of course, this makes the layover quite difficult to enjoy on such terms.

I’m driving through Manitoba or one of the Atlantic Canada provinces. Must I self-isolate upon entering?

Provinces such as Manitoba require travellers from out-of-province to self-isolate for 14 days. However, those driving through might not have to if they do not plan to stop at all during transit.

Remember that while passing through New Brunswick travellers, even driving-throughs, must undergo screening and authorisation procedures.

Why are there so many U.S. car plates? I thought the government closed the land border?

Travel restrictions between the USA and Canada are still in place and will remain so until at the very least Sept. 21. Many Americans continue to enter the country because of business or personal reasons, therefore just seeing a U.S.-plated vehicle or boat is no reason for concern.