Visitors can apply for work permit from within Canada


Visitors can now apply for work permit from within Canada, benefitting temporary residents with job offers

Visitors can now apply for a worker permit from within Canada. This means that, if you are an international visitor currently in Canada, and you have a job offer in your hands, you can apply for a work permit. This, of course, without having to leave the country first. Also, this new policy will go into effect immediately according to the IRCC. Temporary residents currently in Canada will be able to apply for a work permit as well. However, this new policy won’t apply to anyone arriving after August 24.

Visitors who meet the criteria will be able to apply to te new temporary immigration policy. Before today, however, to apply for work permit as temporary resident would mean to apply from outside of Canada. This new policy also highly benefits Canadian employers who hire foreign workers. Due to the pandemic and lockdown measures, many such employers have faced severe labour shortages.

In order to be eligible for this new policy, applicants must meet these criteria:

  • valid status in Canada as a visitor on August 24,2020, intending to stay in Canada;
  • must hold a job offer;
  • must have an application for employer-specific work permit supported by a LMIA or an LMIA-exempt job offer submitted no later than March 31,2021;
  • meet all other standard admissibility criteria.

In order to apply, contact the IRCC via this web form.