Over 100’000 Express Entry invitations in 2020?


Express Entry invitations could exceed 100’000 in 2020

Express Entry invitations could exceed 100’000 this year, but that’s not all. Canada is on pace to issue a large quantity of invitations notwithstanding the negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Also, Immigration Minister Mendicino previously confirmed the target was 341’000. This would put the country on track to achieve what set out with the Immigration Levels Plan 2020-2022.

While immigration has been low for Canada this year, the country still commits to it openly. The problem is mainly logistical. Many who hold permanent residence cannot travel at the moment. This is because due to travel restrictions, people who got confirmation of permanent residence (COPRs) after March 18 cannot currently enter the country.

Still, on October 14, Canada held its largest Express Entry draw ever, issuing over 4500 invitations for permanent residence. This means that, despite fears that Express Entry draws may be paused, the opposite actually happened. The IRCC has committed more than ever to ensure accessibility of immigration processes. The IRCC can also process any application for permanent residence in less than six months.

Overall, we expect Canada to remain committed to immigration in 2021, and to continue to invite candidates for permanent residence.